The JECDB is focused on industrial, office, retail and business recruiting.  The recruiting efforts are part of a strategic plan to increase and diversify the overall tax base of the City of Clifton.   The purpose is to "foster communication relative to economic and community development between and among governmental entities, industry, and private citizens."   You can read more about this at the State's Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations website:

Joint Economic Community Development Boards: Making Them More Effective

The Joint Economic & Community Development Board (JECDB) for Wayne County is a multi-agency cooperative effort to bring industry into the County. The JECDB is sponsored and funded by Wayne County, City of Clifton, City of Collinwood, City of Waynesboro, Bank of Waynesboro, People's Bank, Wayne County Bank, Columbia State Community College and Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative.

Link to more information on the JECDB for Wayne County