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The City of Clifton offers a variety of sanitation services through their contract with RaeKar from Waynesboro, TN. The most utilized service is residential garbage collection. Curbside garbage collection is provided on Wednesday of each week. Larger business containers can be scheduled to be picked up one, two, or three times per week.  The collection service will also include the collection of small amounts of household waste (yard clippings, leaves, and debris), which may be placed curb-side along with the plastic bags and secured by the customer.

In addition to these services, the City operates a wood recycling program. Debris must be smaller than twelve inches in diameter and be free of any other types of material. Citizens may contact City Hall to schedule curbside brush collection or they may bring wood debris to the Public Works Facility at any time throughout the year. The chipped product resulting from this program is used in local landscaping, stockpiled to create nature trails, and made available to the public when quantities allow at no charge.

School children learn about recyclingAnyone interested in obtaining information about any of the above services should contact City Hall. Additional recycling and larger item collection is coordinated through the Wayne County Solid Waste Facility in Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Residential Collection -   $10.54 per month for once weekly collection
Light Commercial ------- $15.82 per month for once weekly collection

Bin / Container Rates:
3 yard x 1 per week -- $96.54
3 yard x 2 per week -- $166.72
3 yard x 3 per week -- $245.67

4 yard x 1 per week -- $135.24
4 yard x 2 per week -- $245.67
4 yard x 3 per week -- $368.81

6 yard x 1 per week -- $173.74
6 yard x 2 per week -- $300.09
6 yard x 3 per week -- $442.05

8 yard x 1 per week -- $220.64
8 yard x 2 per week -- $400.07
8 yard x 3 per week -- $589.60

30 Yard RO/RO Prisons (per month) -- $8,375.91

To avoid interruption of services, bills must be paid before the closing of business day on the 21st of each month.

Please call City Hall for more information: (931) 676-3370.