How Pay Clifton Utilities, Taxes & Citations Online

Payments are accepted in City Hall, after-hours drop box, by mail or online.  In addition, City of Clifton has joined with to make it possible for you to pay your utilities, property taxes and citation payments online.  Why is this important?  Because it makes it easier for you to make your payments on time and be assured your funds are protected.

You will be able to virtually conduct all business with your local government just as if you were there, all from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. This portal works only for the local government offices served by citiSen™.   On vacation and forgot you have to get that check in the mail?  No problem, just use one of the portal links below or call the toll-free number for the portals.  You use one login to pay multiple billing accounts.  No need to sign into multiple websites to pay online.

Their database is live and up to date.  Payments made through citiSen™ will be seen immediately by the Clifton billing office.  So no big penalties for not paying on time since you can even call for assistance in making that important payment.  After all, they are partnered with Heartland Payment Systems, one of the nation’s largest payment processors and thoroughly PCI compliant (industry standard security).

citiSen™ never stores credit card information on our system, making for the most secure transaction experience you can get.  Using a debit card, credit card or E-check?  No problem, they can handle it all.

Make a one-time payment or set up a citiSen™ account to make future access faster and easier.  


Decide if you want to make monthly payments online or if this is a one off payment.  Do you want to create an online account for ease of use next time?  


Are you making a property tax payment, paying utilities, or just paying a traffic fine for Clifton Municipal Court?


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